Min granne Dan (inbiten pc-anändare) kom in till mig och vi började göra en antavla i Reunion över hans släkt. Han var helt ny i släktforskargebitet men började bli biten när han märkte att det inte var så märkvärdigt och köpte [ett släktforskarprogram för pc] till sin pc och satte igång.

Efter några veckor kom han in igen: ”Du, det här går inte. Jag kan inte med programmet.” Efter ytterligare några veckor hade han köpt en Mac Mini och Reunion och nu har han och jag varsin väggstor antavla tryckt, färdig och upphängd.

ur Mac-spalten
av Sven Lövfors
publicerat i Diskulogen nr 103

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I’ve been using Reunion for years and have just upgraded to the new version, which is as wonderful as I’d expected. It’s a great program, as intuitive as the earliest and best Mac programs. The simplicity of adding to or changing existing records is terrific, but the chart-generating strength of the software is just astounding. Running on System X, Reunion generates charts and Registers, and writes histories in seconds. This encourages me to update my data. Just yesterday, a cousin gave me some information I didn’t have on his parents’ family. I made the additions, generated a report as an RTF text file, and was able to email him a new version of the family tree. He then emailed me another addition. I immediately made the changes in Reunion, generated another new text version in about five seconds, and emailed it right back to him. He couldn’t believe it. Thanks for a magnificent program. It’s reason enough to get a Mac.A few years ago, I researched and generated a fabulous Tree chart with Reunion for a family summer home. With the help of a local specialty printing service, I was able to print out the entire chart on one piece of paper—it measured seven feet wide and four feet high!—and have the whole thing laminated. It rolls up in the family summer house and has given hours of joy on rainy days to a slew of second and third cousins, uncles and aunts, young and old. With Reunion, I can easily update it every few years. The last family tree in that house was more than fifty years old and had been done by hand. Thanks to my printing service, I was able to scan that Tree and use it as a sort of watermark background for the new Tree. The possibilities are endless, design-wise, but your software makes it all possible, and amazingly easy. Thank you.
Stephen Collins
star of TV’s 7th Heaven

It is by far, the best genealogy program on the market (even the PC magazines say this)….use it daily and love it. It allows a large degree of freedom to alter the base list of fields in the person card(s), the family cards, and your sources. For that matter, you can even create entirely new source types if the existing ones don’t fit your needs. Besides, it generates all the charts, reports and complete websites you want or need with amazing ease and speed.For that matter, this program is so good, it may pay for some of us to actually by a whole new computer, just to run this program. It is really that good….Just my $0.02 opinion. And no, I am not an employee of Leister or Apple, Inc., just a VERY satisfied customer. 

A. E. Palmer
posted on GENCMP

Reunion is so good a program that I tell genealogists that if that were the only program on their computer, the expense of buying the Mac would be justified.B. Adams
Camarillo, CA

FYI, after years of genealogical research, I have never found a product that comes even near Reunion’s capability.  If I were a guessing man, I’d say it was written by someone with a passion for genealogy. 

B. Nichols
Winston-Salem, NC

Just wanted you to know that several months ago I bought the Reunion for OSX. I was a Family Tree Maker user and Reunion is by far much easier. Although I am still learning all the things I am capable of doing with this software, I feel comfortable recommending it to friends and family. Keep up the good work. 

C. Sadler
Ocala, FL

I have been a user and regular upgrader of Reunion since the HyperCard days. You have never let down your users, over all these years. I am delighted with Reunion. The March 2003 MacWorld review stating that ”Reunion is a superb product” and awarding it five mice is fully justified. 

G. Thompson
Canberra, Australia

Reunion is the joy of my life and I am constantly recommending it to others both directly and through their receiving printouts from my data. 

P. Fanshawe

The new program just arrived. Wonderful. You present me with a problem. Next week I will leave for Europe where I will visit some relatives before a meeting. I had already decided not to take my PowerBook because it is too heavy to be convenient for long trips. Now, I am very sorely tempted to take it to show off Reunion to all those stuck with PCs. Argh!Congratulations on a fine job. It is beautiful and the integration with the earlier version is flawless as far as I can see. Within a minute of installing this version I had all my data including pictures on the desktop. 

D. Ross

Wow, wonderful job you did on rewriting for OS X! Seamless change-over and neat new features. Thanks. 

E. Cooper
Phoenix, AZ

My compliments to the software developers for their innovations in Reunion. I have barely scratched the surface and find the parenthetical register report and new chart functions to be excellent. There is much more!Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, 

B. Dysart
Medford, OR

I recently moved into the world of Mac after using PCs for 20 years, just so that I could use Reunion. Its been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. My gedcom import… worked flawlessly, and I’m one very happy family genealogy enthusiast. 

R. Tilyard

I want to pass on my pleasure with Reunion… I’ve been busily working with many of the program’s features. In comparison with Family Tree Maker (which I used before switching back to Mac), Reunion is superior by far. In particular, I have been amazed at the ability to create all manner of charts, presenting different views with a wide selection of visual styles. The charting power has been invaluable in analyzing our ancestry to find ”root” individuals and trace the effect intermarriages. Reporting choices have also been very helpful. The feature of rendering reports in Word gives me once again total control over formatting and appearance.The Family File interface is far superior to FTM’s: it presents all relevant information in one view and facilitates moving easily among connected people. The Overview chart has been indispensable in confirming relationships.The online manual is the best I’ve seen with any application. I can actually find answers to my questions, with clear and relevant examples as well. I appreciate overall flexibility to change/move fields, alter display content and appearance… and on and on. 

J. Mahlum
Seattle, WA

I absolutely LOVE the new upgrade. I just started using it a few weeks ago and the information and graphics are just starting to fly in from relatives. 

K. Fischer
New York, NY

You guys are all the best, with the best damn genealogy application on the planet! 

R. Stelle
Malverne, NY

One of your banners on your home page says something to the effect that ”Reunion is the best genealogy package for Mac.” I disagree; Reunion is the best genealogy package for both Mac and PC. We purchased Reunion first, and later bought Family Tree Maker after my husband bought a PC laptop. Everyone told us that Family Tree Maker was the Number 1 genealogy package on the market. Reunion has Family Tree Maker beat hands down. 

J. McCune
Arlington, TX

Reunion is a great product. It bring hours of pleasure from many directions. 

D. Riccardi
Wanaque, NJ

I must say that the more I use Reunion, the more impressed I am with its functionality and features. Well done! 

A. Butlin

I love Reunion. Thank you SO much for supporting OSX! The program is great. My family and I had a lot of fun just getting the first 35 people in [the demo version]. Thanks for a great product! Keep up the good work. 

S. O’Brien

You have created a great product, provide outstanding tech (& sometimes emotional!) support & your dedication to the Mac is the icing on the cake.Thanks for your hard work and your sincere effort to constantly bring the best to the table. It shows. 

D. Mann
Chicago, IL

I’ve been a Reunion user since 4.0 and have enjoyed your product immensely. Some of my PC friends are very jealous… 

T. Sykes
Appleton, WI

Reunion is fantastic, since it’s fulfilled lots of wishes: the new list display for children, multiple columns in lists, the four ways to choose a person to compare a relationship, unlimited child statuses, multiple found lists, and of course that it is OS X Native… And I haven’t even begun to work with the charts yet! …Thanks to Leister for not only updating Reunion to OSNative but for issuing regular updates, and for letting Reunion users have so much input on ReunionTalk. 

S. Likuski
Castro Valley, CA

GOD BLESS YOU! …being the wonderful people that you are, you have gone over and above the call of duty. I’ve just finished reading the (VERY LONG!) list of improvements and I have sat here in my chair for 5 minutes with my mouth wide open, jaw on the floor, unable to move speak or type. I just keep scrolling down the list of improvements, letting out little squeaks of joy when I see one (of many) that I know will change my (genealogy) life. I am in awe of the improvements that you’ve made, over and above all the work that must have been involved with ”going native”… I’m off to clear my calendar for the weekend, in hopes that I can spend it getting to know my new OS X NATIVE REUNION SOFTWARE! 🙂 

K. Weller
Grand Rapids, MI

I have had a great time checking out all the new features. Once again Leister has produced a great product.Thank you! 

J. Dresser

For those who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS): Yeay!! Unlike earlier versions, Reunion now has awesome support for LDS ordinances. Now I can finally put PAF out to pasture for good! It has the little status codes (”submitted”, ”BIC”, etc.), a list of temple codes and their meanings (”Temple: [SLAKE] – Salt Lake City, Utah”), a great facility for looking to see who needs what ordinances, and for selecting people for submission to TempleReady, etc. You can type ”lds” and return to have the cool LDS ordinances window come up for the currently-marked set of people. There is a good manual page that explains how to use it, too. You can choose ”LDS ordinances” from the list of standard ”Views” (using the Views button) to automatically show everyone’s ordinances on the main pages. They went beyond making Reunion ”LDS compatible” and made it ”LDS friendly”–with a big smile! Yippie! Hurray!! 

R. Wilson
Riverton, UT

Just absolutely love it… Would have been happy, even if I had paid $300.00 for the program.Again thanks guys for a great interface… Like all the new features that I tested thus far. 

B. D. Chesson
Durham, NC

I really like what I see. There are a lot of cool new features. A lot I’m glad to see added. Some of the new charting features are really nice from my point of view. …the bottom line is that Reunion is a well written piece of software and Frank and co. do the best job of supporting it of any software publisher I work with (and I work with 2 or 3 very good ones). 

J. Swann
Springfield, TN

Reunion is the very best Family Tree program I have ever seen. 

N. Howard

It’s great. I’m like a kid with a new toy!! 


Congratulations on an excellent job with Reunion. Runs great in 10.2.1 (Jaguar) 

G. Platteter

Just a note to let you know how impressed we are with Reunion……constantly amazes with its capabilities and sophistication and yet is easy to use. 

L. A. Carter